Have a Traditional New Years Day Meal at Your Atlanta Apartment

Eating certain foods on New Years Day is said to bring good luck. For a unique start to 2014, try preparing these lucky food items.

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Source: Southern Living

  • Some of the biggest Southern staples have been linked to wealth and prosperity. Black-eyed peas are supposed to represent coins and kale represents dollar bills. Eating the two together is said to bring you good fortune. For even greater wealth, eat your peas and kale with cornbread, which is supposed to represent gold.
  • For the main course, incorporate as much pork as possible. According to southern lore, the more pork that you eat in your meal, the more luck that you will have for the year. Use ham hock or fat back as a flavoring agent for your side dish and serve pork chops with bacon cream sauce to ensure a great year.
  • For a tradition from the neighboring North Carolina Lowcountry, try making a big pot of Hoppin’ John, a mixture of bacon, rice, beans, ham, and onion. Saving leftovers for the second day, which is known as Skinny Jenny, demonstrates frugality and is known to bring prosperity.

With these fun New Years Day ideas, you can make a Southern tradition your new family tradition. If you would like to live in an apartment home that is great for entertaining, contact us for more information about our beautiful Atlanta apartment community.

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